Rasstandard för Russian Blue

En rasstandard för en raskatt beskriver hur den ideala katten ska se ut. Det är också utifrån dessa faktorer som domare bedömer katter på utställning och poängsätter.

Olika kattförbund i världen har olika rasstandarder för respektive kattras. Vid Sveraks utställningar bedömer domarna katterna utifrån FIFes, Federation Internationale Feline, rasstandarder.

FIFe:s rasstandard för Russian Blue

Head: Short wedge. Long and flat skull. In profile forehead and nose form a convex angle at the same level as the eye brows. Straight forehead. Straight nose. Prominent whisker pads. Strong chin.

Ears: Large and rather pointed, wide at the base. The skin of the ears is fine and transparent, the inside hardly covered with hair. The ears are set vertically to the head.

Eyes: Large and almond in shape; set wide apart. Vivid green.

Neck: Long and straight.

Body: Long body, medium bone structure, but graceful in outline and carriage.

Legs: Fine and high legs. Paws are small and oval.

Tail: Fairly long and tapering to a point.

Coat: Short and dense and very fine; standing up like plush; soft and silky. Double coat. The texture and apparance of the coat is very different from those of any other breed. Blue-grey coat, even and clear, with a distinct silver sheen. Medium blue-grey with a silver sheen preferred.

Nose leather: Blue-grey.

Paw pads: Dark lavender.

General: Oriental type
Head: Square head
Round head
Eyes: Round eyes
Yellowish tone in the eye colour
Body: Cobby or thick set
Tail:Too broad at the base
Coat: Flat lying coat
Tabby markings, bars or shading (”ghostmarkings”)
All other colours than blue.

Scale of points

Head General shape, profile, nose, jaws and teeth, forehead, chin placement and shape of ears 25
Eyes Shape and colour 10
Shape, size, bonestructure, height of the legs and shape of the paws, tail and its length 30
Coat Colour 10
Coat Quality 20
Coat Condition 5
Total 100

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